Consignment Info

1. General: Seventy five percent (75%) of the selling price of each item shall be paid to Owner of consigned item:

2. Liability: assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage of any item.

3. Owner must pick up or request return of all unsold items within three (3) days from the date consignment agreement ends or item(s) will be renewed for another 90 days of consignment. All shipping fees for items required to be returned by mail to owner must be paid by owner. If item remains in owners possession during the consigment agreement owner must inform of any changes in the condition of the item being sold.

4. Shipping charges are considered part of the sale price if the seller ships the item themself. The seller will receive 75% of the shipping amount charged to the buyer.

5. If ships the item for the seller then the seller shall not receive any of the monies received from the buyer for shipping costs.

6. Renewability: This Consignment Agreement is renewable ONCE ONLY! Maximum consignment length is 180 days.

7. Price Reductions: All items may be subject to a price reduction at the discretion of Owner and

8. Consignment checks are issued monthly after the 15th for the prior whole month.

9. Record Keeping and Follow-Up: It is the responsibility of the owner to maintain all records of consignments and call or email not less than once a month after the 15th to confirm sales, pickups, and contract expiration. will also inform owners of sales of items.

10. All transactions and resolutions to disputes will take place in Minnedosa ,MB, Canada.
All items must be retrieved within 3 days after expiration date unless consignment is extended.

11. The Agreement can be accompanied by a separate form listing items. That form should also have provision for both party's identification and signatures.

antique bargains consignemt form