Buyers Info
Buyers -  many of the items for sale on this website are being sold on consignment. Some of the owners have chosen to ship their items themselves.

Therefore all items are sold using the "Buy Now" single item option and not the "add to cart" multiple item option. Because of this items cannot be combined together for shipping but each item will be shipped separately.

If by chance you happen to purchase items supplied by the same seller at the same time, the items may possibly be shipped together at the sellers discretion.

Payment Options: For orders valued at $200.00 or less we accept payment by Paypal, Money Order, Cashiers Cheque.

Orders valued at more than $200.00 we accept payment by Money Order or Cashiers Cheque only.

If you wish to buy an item and make payment by money order or cashiers cheque, please contact us to let us know what item you are purchasing. We will then put the item on the pending sale list and display a "Pending Sale" notice beside the item.